Cross County with Three Dogs - Day 4

Day 4: Tucson, Arizona to Fort Stockton, Texas

We were mid-way through the trip and were on the fence about staying in Tucson an extra night. We had been pushing hard and really liked the Radisson Suites Tucson, plus we were super tired. In the end we decided to push forward and drive on to Fort Stockton, Texas.

We left at 11:00 AM and arrived at 8:30 PM Central time after 8.5 hours of driving time.

We stayed at La Quinta Inn Fort Stockton. We paid no pet fee which is typical for La Quinta.  Before booking I highly recommend reviewing my original blog Cross Country with Three Dogs where I explain all the necessary steps to make reservations when traveling with pets.

The hotel in Fort Stockton is run down and a typical roadside motel and the area to walk dogs isn't picked up so it was pretty nasty. Even the pups were looking at me like, "Mom, gross!" It was cheap though and Fort Stockton is literally the only place to stay after Tucson without driving several more hours. We survived.

We did have a great meal Texas style at K-Bob's Steakhouse that night. We were glad to be on the road and head to Houston the next day!

Check out my day-by-day posts for details about each hotel and area.

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